Steel grating, also named as metal bar grating, it is our specialty, whether you are looking for light duty gratings or Heavy-duty gratings we can provide you with high quality finished products. If you are at an early stage of tendering and need a design for the grating according to certain conditions of environment. Our engineering department will advise the most economical and correct type of grating to meet your needs and full estimating service for quotations from your drawings or your ideas. Calculations are made based on relevant engineering practice and codes applicable, our engineering department has very experienced team for grating design and detailing and when it comes to manufacturing and cut to size fabrication, we will supply your products in a short time specially for large quantities. We are following standards from American Standards (NAAMM-MBG) to assure the quality of our finished products.

Common applications of gratings range from walkways, platforms, trench covers, sump covers, gully trench, fences, and stair treads.

Minimum Thickness of Bearing Bars: from 3mm up to 10mm

Minimum Depth of Bearing Bars: from 25mm up to 140mm

Minimum Size of Twisted Cross Bars: from 5mm to 10mm in diameter.

Available Pitch made from Machine: 30mm or 41mm Bearing Bar pitch and 50mm or 100mm Cross Bar pitch.

Customized sizes and pitches will be provided manually upon customer requirements.

Material finished usually Hot-Dip Galvanized in accordance with ASTM A123.


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